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Jerry Jones Should Extend Jason Garrett Immediately After His Decision To Kick That Field Goal

Call Jerry Jones lots of things, but never say he’s not loyal. Or…ok. Let’s refine that. Jerry Jones is very loyal to Jason Garrett, but that’s because he has total control over him. Jason Garrett is a yes-man to Jerry, which is why he still has the job as the head coach of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. He is perfect for the position- he stays in line, the players don’t despise him, and Jerry can throw him under the bus any time he wants, no questions asked. In return he gets to continue cashing checks to coach the Cowboys. It’s the perfect situation for Jason Garrett, who isn’t the *worst* head coach in the league, but also will never be above average.

Just think about what he’s done in the last few weeks.

First the Tavon fair-catch which was completely botched 

And then last night. What Jason Garrett did last night is more fireable than anything I’ve seen in the NFL this year.

The Cowboys were down 13-6 in the 4th quarter, deep in Patriots territory. A 7 point game. 1 TD to tie. And he kicked a field goal. He went from having a 1 TD game to having a….1 TD game. In the 4th quarter. On the road in New England. When a win would make the team 7-4, on a day the Eagles also lost. And he kicked a field goal. And why? It gets worse. Because he doesn’t believe in analytics.

It’s not like they were at mid-field. They were on the Pats 11 yard line!!!! So even a turnover there is better than kicking it off. It’s bind bottling how bad of a decision that was by Jason Garrett.

I am always shocked how bad coaches fuck up such simple things like this. If I’m an owner or GM, the first thing I do when finding a new coach is see if they can pass a basic high school stat class. Basic probability, basic game theory, basic math. When you’re down 7 with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter on the road, does getting 3 help? If you say yes, you aren’t a head coach. It’s really that easy.

So hopefully Jerry gives Jason another chance. Chalks this up to a learning experience. He deserves to learn and grow from this. Give him another 5 years, he’ll get it right.