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Instagram Is The Most Depressing Social Network




DM Instagram is the most depressing social network and even worse than Facebook, according to a U.S magazine. Jessica Winter from Slate claims that Instagram takes the parts of Facebook that make people feel depressed and unsatisfied with their lot, such as looking at other people’s photos and friend’s broadcasting how great their lives are, and accentuates them. This then creates feelings of intense jealousy and also crosses the ‘grey line of stalkerism’. The first reason Instagram is so depressing is that it ‘purifies’ the three worst aspects of Facebook associated with causing envy. She names this as scrolling through hundreds of other people’s photos – including strangers’ – liking images and seeking likes and approval from peers, and announcing to millions of people how great their lives are. Winter claims that Instagram takes these traits and amplifies them.


This is so obvious. Of course Instagram is the most depressing social media account. Know why? Because you follow celebrities on Instagram. You follow hot chicks and rich people. Facebook is fucking Zoloft. You can go on there and see friends from childhood and high school who are pregnant, engaged, poor, fat, all kinds of shit. Maybe one is doing fantastic but most of them are a like-less status update from swan diving off their roof. But Instagram? Just awesome shit in Sepia tone. Hot chicks partying, rich people in private jets, Bieber dancing. All the best stuff in the world in one place. Facebook is the trailer park to Instagram’s Hamptons.