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Brendan Lemieux's New Look vs Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson's New Look- Who Ya Got?

Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

Just the other day, the Capitals played the Rangers at MSG. The Rangers won the game 4-1, bless their hearts, they deserved it. No argument from me. But also during that game, Brendan Lemieux and Stanley Cup champion Tom Wilson dropped the mitts and had themselves a nice little donnybrook in the heart of the Big Apple.

Fist SCCTW asked if he’d like to be put to sleep…

And then he did.

Pretty fair scrap on both ends. I don’t know much about Brendan Lemieux, but from scrolling Twitter, Rangers fans seem pretty split down the middle on him. Some love his scrappiness and say he’s a solid bottom 6 guy, and others seem to hate him and find him worthless. I’ll say this, anyone who volunteers to be put to sleep gets a tip of the cap in my book.

Which leads us to today, with both guys sporting new looks. In one corner we have BL…

and in the other corner, Mr. Wilson…

Both have decidedly different faces after that bout. And I’d like to reiterate, Lemieux is good in my book. Wilson was hitting people all game and nobody else on the Rangers would stand up to him. I’m sure he had some frozen peas on his face the last few days, but at least he didn’t cower like the rest of his team.