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Kurt Warner Could Have Been A #Bear4Lyfe

Wanna puke?  Look at this graphic:

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 10.50.12 AM

That is a whole lot of STINK.  Now Mitch looked solid-ish aside from this pick, that very well could have been the worst pass in the history of football…

but it’s still clear he’s not the guy nor will he ever be, not unless you take this quote from Ian Rappaport to heart:

But to add salt to the Bears QB history wound, it was just brought to my attention that Kurt Warner – yes, Hall of Fame ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ QB Kurt Warner – could have been a Bear.  Via his wikipedia page, which is the very best source of information on the planet:

Before the 1997 AFL season, Warner requested and got a tryout with the Chicago Bears, but an injury to his throwing elbow caused by a spider bite sustained during his honeymoon prevented him from attending.

Now they cited that quote from the Chicago Tribune archives.  What the fuck!  A fucking SPIDER BITE!! That’s why Warner wasn’t QBing the Bears to multiple Super Bowls?  God fucking damnit.  And just like everyone else, he has his opinion on the Bears offense and Mitch Trubisky as well.

Now who knows if Warner would have ever amounted to anything with the Bears.  I tend to think a HoF QB will succeed in any given circumstances, but with out luck (aside from not signing him because of a spider bite) he would have tried out for the Bears and gotten struck by lightning his first drive with them or something.  Because that’s what happens to the Bears.  Cutty was solid, though never great, and it’s been 1000 pounds of shit before and after him.

We broke down Mitch, the defense, Nagy, and everyone else on our Bears postgame show today.  Oh, and the Belle of the Ball was pumpkin pie guy.

Love this guy.  If you know who he is – tell him Eddie is dying to get him on dog walk.