The Maui Invitational Coaches Picture Is Absolutely Perfect With Sassy Tom Crean Stealing The Show

Goddamn what a picture, it really has everything. But let's be honest, Tom Crean is the star of this show. Look at him here. Hands on the hips, probably a couple pina coladas in, just happy as hell to be in Maui. Remember the last picture he took here? 

Stuck next to Danny Manning, the baggy shorts starting at his belly button. Just not a good look all around for our buddy Coach Crean. But this version? Well this 2019 Georgia version of Tom Crean is ready to party.

But there's so much more in this picture. You have every person pictured wearing a red Hawaiian shirt due to team colors, with Izzo wearing green. You have Bill Self looking bored as hell. You have Virginia Tech's Mike Young looking confused that he can't have a cold drink. Mick Cronin? Well, he's nowhere to be found in this picture apparently. Anthony Grant looks like his buddy just walked up to a group of girls in the bar and pulled the old 'my buddy over there think you're cute' move. I can't stop laughing at this.

I need Tom Crean in Maui every year, but I'll settle for every other year.