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Hot Or Not: Aubrey Plaza







So this morning I saw that video of Aubrey Plaza last night, talking about fucking herself on camera on Conan. Huge turn on. Anyone with double X chromosomes talking about porn or masturbating is verbal viagra. But what do most people think about this chick? Is she hot? Personally, I love her. But I can understand not “getting” her hotness if you don’t watch Parks and Recreation. Her cunty attitude is her biggest weapon. Based on looks alone, she probably wouldn’t crack Maxim’s Top 100. But she’s like Pedroia in that sense. On paper, probably not worth 100 million. But you have to factor in the personality, the attitude, the intangibles. And once you consider that, Plaza is a stone cold fox.


PS – Having a really hot chick talking about fingering herself but then Andy Richter butting in is like being in the middle of a great sex dream then the alarm going off and bringing you back to reality.


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