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Biz Tries Out For The Vancouver Warriors And Finds Out The Hard Way That An NLL Roster Is Harder To Crack Than An NHL Roster

Credit where credit is due--Biz showed up, he competed his dick off, and he gave it everything he had. Unfortunately he didn't have much to give in the first place, but he still left it all out on the floor. Even though he sucked ass and could barely even get the ball out of his stick, it still takes a big ol' set of balls to show up to the barn and get out on the floor with a bunch of pros. 

But yeah. Biz was able to trick two separate NHL organizations to give him a spot on the roster. He played in 202 career NHL games. Won a Calder Cup in the AHL after his NHL career was over. And he couldn't even make it past the first day of his PTO with the Vancouver Warriors. I'm not a guy who gets on here to spew "hot takes" just for clicks or anything like that. I'm a guy who relies on factual information to support my claims and the facts right now say that it's easier to crack an NHL roster than it is to get on the floor for an NLL team. That's not an opinion, that's a cold hard fact and we all just witnessed it in that video. Even the thing Biz made a name for himself with in the NHL, fighting, he couldn't even stay on his feet in the NLL. 

And that's going from skates to shoes.

So again, plenty of credit goes out to Biz for at least suiting up and getting out there. But this is the sport of the future that we're talking about, folks. You can't just take some random enforcer turned podcaster and expect them to be able to crack a lineup. I just hope that this Biz experiment doesn't ruin my chances of getting a shot with the Warriors if the Wings keep sleeping on me.