The Bears Organization Has "Serious Confidence" In Mitch Trubisky

All anyone can talk about around Chicago is who the next quarterback will be. Alex Smith, Cam Newton, a draft pick, fucking ANYONE else. Apparently not the Bears and Ryan Pace though. They still have “serious confidence” in Mitchell. They saw this throw

and are like “yep, that’s our guy”.

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What is the point of leaking that comment to Rappaport? There is ZERO need for a vote of confidence. The entire league knows that the Bears have ZERO draft capital so there’s not point to throwing a smoke screen out there as if you’re going to move up and snag someone in the draft. If Pace is trying to play chess while the Bears can’t even play checkers I will NOT be pleased.

I have a conspiracy brain. I almost feel like it was released to make the organization look bad. Like a deep state leak to point a finger at Pace so we can move on from this era. That is what I am hoping for anyways. It’s too preposterous to be true so it has to be something else.