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ALERT THE KNICKS: LaMelo Ball Just Became The Youngest Player In NBL History To Get A Triple-Double

Hey, just want to do my job here as a Knicks fan and alert the team of what's going on over in Australia and the NBL. Just a guy named LaMelo Ball, you may have heard of him, becoming the youngest person to ever record a triple-double in the league. I see everyone talking about Luka Doncic dropping triple-doubles in the NBA and since LaMelo can't play there yet because of a rule to protect dummy owners, figured should probably talk about what LaMelo did this morning. 

Say what you want about the family, say what you want about the last name Ball, just know the kid can absolutely play. As a Knicks fan, yeah, I'd love to get Cole Anthony and Anthony Edwards (two guards that are probably in the first tier above LaMelo), but guess what? We saw how the new lottery can fuck you even if you're tanking, so get ready to recruit the 3rd guard. That guy is LaMelo Ball, the 6'7", 18-year old that's playing professionally in a decent league and producing. Oh, also the kid who keeps improving and changing what needs to be changed - notice how his shot is way more smooth than you probably remember. 

Just want to make sure the Knicks are awake. I mean there is this guy: 

Just want to make sure they are up to date with what's going on here. Time for the Knicks to #LoseForLaMelo