Canadian Man Wears Pants For First Time In 18 Years

I really want to hate this guy. I really really do. Like what the fuck do you mean you wont wear pants until an ever-changing, ultimately random group of men win a Canadian Football League championship? If this happened anywhere else, for any other sport, I’d be calling bullshit until the cows came home. But this video is all the proof I need to believe that not only has this man not worn pants in 18 years, it would appear he completely scrubbed pants and everything about them from his brain. You put a pair of slacks in front of a newborn infant and they’d figure them out faster than this man did. He struggled so much I’m wondering how much pant technology has progressed over the last 18 years and I’m coming up empty. Were the changes so gradual that us daily pants wearers didn’t even notice? Other than joggers showing up one day and changing ankle tightness forever I’m struggling to come up with any other major changes in the pants game. But watching this man go to battle with the same applied physics he assumedly uses to put on shorts and underpants has my brain completely broken. I’m second guessing everything I thought I knew about pants prior to this video. Putting on my own slacks tomorrow morning is going to be an adventure I’ve never been more certain of anything in my entire life.