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Richard Jefferson Said The Knicks Are Such Trash, He Chose To Retire Instead Of Play For Them

The amount of disdain Richard Jefferson had in his voice while saying he would rather retire than cash in a few million dollars of James Dolan's money in the last year of his career as countless vets have done before him would be a killshot if the Knicks body hadn't been declared dead for years or if Jefferson didn't have the voice of a Sesame Street character. Keep your Mecca of basketball and being able to always be a Knick because #OnceAKnickAlwaysAKnick. RJ would rather go without a paycheck than have the biggest dickhead on the planet as a boss and I for one cannot blame him one bit. Ski masking one final bag and having the pull that somehow still comes with being a Knick in this city despite them being awful forever is probably the perfect swan song for most NBA players. But the fact the Knicks have become such a joke that Richard Jefferson knew his time was up since they were the only team calling and ghosted them on their offer is one of the Top 10,000 most embarrassing things to happen to this franchise, which believe it or not, is actually saying something.

God I cannot wait until this chode no longer owns the team.