Keith Yandle Is A God Damn Savage

Keith Yandle hasn’t missed an NHL game since the 2008-2009 season. Think about that for a second. Yands has played 820 straight NHL games, never sitting out due to illness or injury. And that isn’t going to change after losing 9 teeth last night as Yands is in the lineup tonight for the Florida Panthers for game number 821.

I got a cavity filled a couple months ago and it sucked. My day was basically ruined. This guy just got nine of his front teeth knocked out and returned to action in the same game. Imagine how uncomfortable that must have been? Can’t imagine Yands was screaming “SONNNNK” much, but with this savage you actually never know.

Buddy only missed ONE period. I just can’t really fathom how someone wakes up in the morning after losing 9 teeth and says “hey I want to play hockey today”. I’d take a nice bam bam, lock myself in a dark room and watch every movie (porn) under the sun.

Doug Jarvis holds the NHL record for most consecutive games played, with 964. Yands is 143 games away from becoming the NHL iron man. If he plays this season out, he’ll be 85 away with 879 games. Incredible.