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The Eagles Are Injured But Still Suck And Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

Look, this team stinks out loud. The Eagles, specifically on offense, are an embarrassment to the game, the fanbase, and the sport of football at the moment. Carson Wentz looks SHOOK and nobody, I mean NOBODY, is stepping up to even try to make plays. Well, besides Greg fucking Bird, but when your “Offense” depends on Greg Bird at WR, you don’t exactly have an offense. I hate, hate, HATE blaming injuries, but this is obviously a different offense with Alshon Jeffrey, DeSean Jackson, Lane Johnson, Brooks, and even Jordan Howard. They finally got (mostly) healthy on defense, and LOOK – The Eagles are somewhat competitive on that side of the ball. It would be nice for Wentz to play better. It would be nice for Doug Pederson to call a decent game. It would be nice if Howie Roseman actually planned ahead for such situations when one of the oldest teams in the league get banged up. But oh well. They weren’t supposed to win last week, and they weren’t supposed to win today vs. the Seahawks. They’d be in basically the same exact spot even if they won today.

Now let’s get as healthy as we can, g vs. the 2nd easiest schedule remaining, find a way to beat Dallas at home, take down the NFC East, then who knows? Maybe this team will have enough talent to get the honor to lose in the Divisional Round.