Because Sally in Accounting is Going to Win Your Office Bracket Pool, Join the 4 Day Survivor League on DraftStreet and Win $5k

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Every single year (except when I won senior year of high school since I was the only person to pick Florida over UCLA) someone idiotic wins whatever bracket pool you’re in. It’s like clockwork. So this year, join the bracket pool that’ll make you rip your hair out, but also come play on DraftStreet, where they are running perhaps the best contest to date.

-$20K fantasy NCAA tournament
-$11 entry fee
-$5,000 first place prize
-Places 1-250 paid out

It’s a 4 day survivor pool. Top half of the player pool advances each day. If you play your cards right, you have a 4 day degen sweat to win the $5k up top.