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How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Week 12 is Here.

We are 10 days past the Mason Rudolph-Myles Garrett slug-fest, yet there are still plenty of questions regarding their confrontation. Who said what first? Was it self-defense? Were racial slurs involved? All of that is crucial as the NFL continues its investigation, but have no fear, because Mr. Commenter is here to help the cause out:

TYFYS, Mr. C. What a genius idea. What do the AWL’s have in store over the next few hours before kickoff?

Taking the team’s abbreviations and turning it into a pun will always have a soft spot in my heart for these blogs. But taking one that includes a BYE is just next level. Bravo, Jacob.

How is OJ’s fantasy team doing, though? We need an update ASAP.

Give me Steve The Pirate and Four Eyes over Blade, Lazer, and Blazer every day of the week. RIPIP, Patches.

Today’s high schoolers have it easy, now that Uber is around. They’ll never know what it’s like to ride your bike down the street as fast as you can in the dark.