Deontay Wilder Puts Luis Ortiz's Lights Out In Their Heavyweight Rematch


The WBC Heavyweight Champ went out there tonight and allowed Luis Ortiz to dominate this fight for what was, essentially, the entire fight...that is, until he shut that shit down real quick with one right hand. 

I'm obviously not the biggest boxing guy myself (I enjoy the sport tremendously, and watch all of the big fights, but I'm just not as knowledgable about it as someone like say, Large, or even Dave) but I will say that Wilder is completely unlike anybody I've ever seen personally from his fighting style to the dramatics that come along with it. Dude pretty much always does what I just described: he'll be losing the fight, losing the fight, losing the fight, losing the fight, losing the fight...and then he'll land a BOMB at the last second (no pun intended) to remain undefeated. Even in the Fury fight, which he didn't win, he still dropped The Gypsy King with that DEVASTATING right-left combination in the 12th that probably saved his record. It's insane. It's almost as if he's just taking his time, knowing that at some point over the course of the fight, he'll be able to throw his shot, and when he does, it'll all be over. 

Obviously Wilder/Fury II is now the desire of each and every boxing fan in the world, as it has been since the shitty decision the first bout had, and the winner of that vs Joshua or Ruiz next. Large may have more on this tomorrow, but if not, it'll definitely be covered on Barstool Breakfast. Look out for that.

P.S. Almost forgot - Deontay walked to the ring lookin like Super Shredder...


Love that. Boxing needs showmen like Wilder. He's great for the #SweetScience.