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Yankees Sign Tanaka For $155mil Over 7 Years


Twitter is blowing up saying Tanaka is coming to the Yankees for 7 years and $155mil. He has the ability to opt out at 4 years which I am totally comfortable with. If he ends up being the best pitcher in the game he will opt out and we can go through this all over again in 4 years. But for right now the Yankees stepped up to the plate and signed a player the we HAD TO HAVE in order to be competitive this year. More importantly this lets the Yankees look at options for 3rd base now. All along we knew that there might be a trade made for some starting pitching but with the rotation taking shape, the Yankees can explore options outside the organization, for an everyday third baseman via the trade market.

Also, the Yankees are going to make a ton of money off this guy over the next few years via merchandise and ticket sales. When a big Japanese star comes to the biggest media market in the world, the Steinbrenner’s see nothing but dollar signs. Guys like Tanaka practically pay for themselves. Especially considering the extra revenue that comes along with a 28th World Series Title. Its just like 2009 all over again – all the best players available choosing the Pinstripes. Another bounce back World Series is inevitable.

I am sure more details about the deal will come out but this is a great way to start hump day. Now cue the motherfucking music!