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KFC Radio This Week - Super Bowl Edition



Media week is looming, folks. A week when all the mainstream news outlets are going to regurgitate the same old boring story lines and shove them right down your throat. The same lame angles and reports for the next 2 fucking weeks. Luckily, theres three assholes who are gonna bring you the real type of Super Bow coverage you need. Like, for instance, would you rather watch Richard Sherman fuck your mother or your father? Could you have sex with a chick if she had Peyton Manning’s forehead? How much money would you need to be paid to endorse diapers like Wes Welker and Tony Siragusa? And all the other hard hitting Super Bowl related questions and debate you can think of.

We’ll also take normal, non Super Bowl voicemails and check in on the Barstool Weight Loss Challenge. Call the hotline 646-807-8665 or tweet @KFCRadio or @KFCBarstool. While ESPN and the rest of mainstream media is talking about Richard Sherman’s GPA, we’ll be bringing you the good stuff.