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CT Smashing Adam's Head In And Threatening To Eat It On The Challenge Takes Us Into Rough N Rowdy 10


I had to shout out CT for not only being a legend of The Challenge but for being a legend of Massholes around the world considering tonight is the first Rough N Rowdy in New England. I love watching hicks battle south of the Mason Dixon line and in the backwoods of West Virginia as much as the next Stoolie. But I fully expect there to be a different energy tonight in Providence and that energy will be a "I will smash his head and eat it" energy.

So unless watching a wide array of New England maniacs cut from the same cloth as CT fight as the unofficial Presidente of the region calls the action from ringside isn't for you (and lets be honest, you wouldn't be anywhere near this blog if it wasn't for you), order the goddamn pay-per-view at or become a Barstool Gold Hardcore member and get the fight along with a shitload of other perks.

Bonus CT Causing Carnage On The Challenge Videos Because It's Fight Night:

And of course...

Yes, there is a chance someone gets Bananas Backpacked tonight. No, I don't have a clue how it will happen. But it's Rough N Rowdy, which means as one New England put it, ANYTHING IS POSSIBOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


P.S. The fact Adam almost got his head exploded while wearing poker onesie pajamas is lowkey one of the funniest moments in Challenge history even though he almost ended up headless.