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So Apparently Macs Aren't All That Great Based on Everyone on Twitter Telling Me I'm An Idiot for Having a Mac?



So this is news to me. I always thought Macbooks were the big sillies on the top of laptop mountain. MacBooks were the kings, and PCs were the sorry people. Maybe it’s because I don’t read into stuff and I buy into the hype and the hibbity hooplah, but whatever. I got my current MacBook Pro in Summer of 2010. Worked like a charm for forever. From streaming movies on bootleg sites, to streaming other types of movies on even worse sites, MacBook never faltered. Then one day in January I dropped MacBook on a glass table and MacBook went into a coma. The Apple nerd gave me a new harddrive and said good as new! Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago, it works like absolute shit. Slowest thing I’ve ever used. Feels like I’m using dial-up internet and my mom is going to tell me to tell my friends on AIM that I’ll brb because she has to make a phone call. Saving pictures for blogs works about as fast as the opposite of how fast I wished they’d work. And basically, MacBook simply freezes every other minute.

Now, everyone on the Twitters is telling me I’m an idiot and I should just get a PC and Macs are all shiny hype and aren’t that great. Mind is absolutely blown. I’m like wait are you sure? And they’re like well are bonito fish big? Check and mate. How was I supposed to know? I’m just a simple guy with simple blogging needs. And one is a computer that doesn’t fuck me over every 15 minutes.

So if you’re smart and can help me out with what I should buy to replace this MacBook asshole, send me an email please.

Thank you for your time, and go fuck yourself MacBook.