Watching Kygo Create His Music In Studio Is Absolutely Fascinating

Lazy Friday here at Stool. Just counting down the minutes until Rough N Rowdy 10, buy here right now, and I'm scanning YouTube just begging to fall down a rabbit hole. Well, I found one: Kygo making music. Guy is a wizard of his craft, but unless you went through that high school phase of wanting to be a DJ, you don't know what goes into music like this. Even if you did try to be that high school DJ, there were like 20 in my grade alone, you probably weren't doing 1/10th of the things Kygo was doing in these videos. You think it's as easy as hitting play, but the shit that's going on here is out of this world. The moment you hit play on the first video you won't stop watching. 

Other two videos were all I've found so far, nothing like the first one. The dude needs to make this "making of" videos for all of his songs. I'll watch every second of them 100 times each.