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I'm Not Sure If Gritty Sauce Is Necessarily Something I'd Want To Add To My Food

I'm a pretty big sauce guy. Mostly hot sauce but I like to mess around with a nice aioli here and there. I mean I'm no heathen that is going to go around throwing sauce on a steak or juicy slice of Central Texas brisket or anything like that. But a burger? Fried chicken sandwich? Fries? Pretty much everything else? Heck yes, brother, sauce me up.

But if somebody hands me a bottle of Gritty Sauce? I just don't know, man. Seems to me like that falls into the category of scrapple as far as things where you'd rather not know where they come from. Sure, it's probably organic and locally sourced which is all the rage these days. But I wouldn't trust Gritty as far as I could throw him, and I sure as shit wouldn't trust putting his sauce in or around my mouth. Not that there's anything wrong with that.