Marcus Smart Took A Nice Little Shot At Patrick Beverley But Also Didn't Lie

Oh hell yes. I'm sure this won't find it's way to Patrick Beverley and I'm even more sure that he'll handle it maturely and won't clap back at all. It made me think of Beverley's response when he was asked about Marcus after their game the other night

The audacity for Beverley to dismiss smart like that. I'm sure Marcus heard about it which is why I love that response even more. Not on his level is fucking right. Sure Beverley was a huge reason the Clippers won that game, he deserves all the credit in the world and is a good defender who shares a lot of the same tactics as Smart when it comes to getting under opponents skin. But I ask you, where was the lie from Marcus? Do you see him shutting down every single star player he faces not named Buddy Hield? I didn't think so. It took about one game for this blog to already be outdated

Click that blog and look at some of the names on that list and they don't even include what we've seen from him this trip so far. You hear players around the league and they all tell you the same thing. Marcus Smart is a nightmare to play against on the defensive end. What do they say about Beverley? 

All I know is we now have another reason to circle February 13th on our calendars. Not just because Clippers/Celts showed to be one of the best matchups all season, but something tells me Beverley isn't going to forget these comments by Smart. Two guys that tend to want all the smoke, I am ready to see chaos.