Watching Bronny James Jr And Zaire Wade's Sierra Canyon Debut Will Make You Feel Old As Shit

I'll admit, it has me feeling pretty damn old that I'm already watching Dwyane Wade and LeBron James' kids play high school basketball. Maybe not as much with Zaire since he's a senior, but Bronny 100% makes me feel old as hell. It feels like just yesterday we were all glued to our TV's to watch this 

Just a casual 31/13/6. I still remember how crazy this was and if you didn't know about LeBron before that game you certainly knew about him after. By now you've heard I'm sure how ESPN will show 15 of Sierra Canyon's games which is more than some actual NBA teams will get, and I say who could blame them. When you have Bronny Jr and Zaire Wade on the same team that's going to get ESPN's dick hard every singly time. You're going to watch, I'm going to watch, I have no doubts it's going to do better numbers than some actual NBA games.

Which brings us to their debut's last night. Nothing all that crazy like what LeBron did in that video, just 10 points for Bronny off the bench and 6 for Zaire Wade, and it's pretty scary to think this team was up by 53 without either of those guys going off. I can't imagine having to play that sort of talent, we certainly didn't have that shit in the EIL back in the early 2000s. You had like Pingree, Concord, Beaver Country Day, shit like that. I'll never forget the time we played Antoine Wright and Lawrence Academy and I'm pretty sure he had 50 without breaking a sweat. That's about as close as I got to seeing NBA talent up close during my high school days. 

It's pretty impressive Bronny is already getting minutes as a freshman since Sierra Canyon is a powerhouse from everything I've read. In the event you haven't seen much of either of these guys before, this is a little preview of what's in store