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So Everyone Keeps Sending Me This Story About 4Chan Rigging A Kiss108 Contest To Send A Creep To Meet Taylor Swift At Gillette Next Week

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 11.54.06 AM



So people keep sending me this. Trolls rigging a competition so some creep can meet my girl at Gillette. I guess everyone thinks I’d be mad or jealous about it or something? What, do people not think I’ll be with Taylor too? Seriously? I obviously have a Stoolie taking me backstage at the show to meet her/get engaged. I’ll be there the whole time. Protecting her, watching her like a hawk, ready to swoop in and put Charles Z on his back the second he goes for a hair sniff. Relax, everyone. I have it under control.


I’m actually happy he’ll be there. It will be like when you’re at a party or a bar with your girlfriend and someone starts talking to her. You just observe from across the room on some alpha male shit. Sure dude, chat her up. Buy her a drink. Make your best move. Whatever you want. You know she’s coming home with me, right? I’ll be in the bullpen for when they’re ready to call in the stud horse but yea, have a grand old time listening to her talk all night.