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A College Basketball Tournament Taking Place In A Goddamn Conference Room Is Why This Sport Is The Absolute Best

Goodness gracious this is beautiful. I mean this is just absolutely hilariously beautiful and why there's nothing like college basketball in the entire goddamn world. Where else will we get to see two teams - including one who was in the NCAA Tournament last year and won a game - play in a conference room. It's the best thing about this time of the year. We get games in conference rooms, we get games on at 11am, we get games being played where there's one standard definition camera only. 

If you don't think this means you should take every under you're out of your mind. There's a 100% chance something wild happens in this tournament where a ball hits the ceiling or someone wanders in looking for a meeting. You can't rule any of this out in the Bahamas Showcase. Under city.