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One Of The Kids In One Direction Spent 2 Million Dollars On A Bottle Of Champagne Yesterday



DM - His band One Direction are officially the highest-earning youngsters in the music industry, and he took home a whopping £5million earnings in the last year alone. And Liam Payne was evidently feeling very generous indeed on Tuesday night when he reportedly treated a pal to a bottle of champagne, worth a staggering £1.2million. Dubbed ‘the world’s most expensive champagne’, the kind-hearted 19-year-old is believed to have made sure his Nigerian musician pal, Wizkid, had the best 24th birthday a boy could wish for by splashing out on a bottle of Taste Of Diamond at London’s Funky Buddha nightclub.


Welp, this isn’t what I needed today. I went out last night and had 4 beers and woke up with a hangover. It’s my first time ever realizing that I’m getting old. I now know my best days are behind me. So a 19 year old spending 2 million dollars on a single, normal sized bottle of champagne isn’t what I needed to wake up to. Just rubbing his awesome life in my old, bloated, hungover face. FML all day. I mean this kid isn’t even the important guy in One Direction. This is like Chris Kirkpatrick buying a 2 million dollar bottle of champagne. Fall back and leave moves like this to the Justin Timberlake of the band dude. I’d have an easier time accepting that.


PS – In my experience any champagne over $300,000 kinda tastes the same. Big time waste of money.