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Diego Maradona Brought Roger Federer To Tears With a Surprise Message After His Match

Just two GOATs doing their thing. Fed crying there was not for show. He's not doing that for a viral video. That's him being as genuine as possible. 

Imagine all of the shit these two have seen in their lives. Sitting down for dinner and drinks with Fed and Maradona and asking them anything you want. Those guys have lived life. I'd pay an endless amount of money for that .

Also how about Maradona dropping this line at the end? 

"I want you to know that if you have any kind of trouble in my country, you can call me and tell me what you need."

Big time boss move there. Maradona is more important than anyone in Argentina, even the president. He wants you dead, you die. He wants you out of jail, you're free. He wants you to live a life of riches, you're set for life. 

Fed also likes to cry. Loves a good cry. Has no shame in letting the tears flow. He's more of a man than you'll ever be. 

P.S. Federer posing for a fan in the middle of his match so they could take pictures of him was too good. Guy is the best. Please never retire.