Jason Derulo Is Out Here Showing Off His Gigantic Dick On Instagram

That’s a big time dick on Jason Derulo. Big time dick. And you know what? I’d be swinging my dick all over the Gram too if I was packing like that. You gotta let the world know what you’re working with if you got it like that. I’m not packing like that whatsoever so I resort to pictures of me with as many layers of clothing as I can pack on my body. I post pictures of me on golf courses and videos of me doing cart wheels on the Rundown. You think I’d be posting that stupid shit if I had a hog between my legs? Absolutely not. It’d be hog central from @barstooltrent on Instagram if I had a dick like Jason’s. Good for him.

By the way, save me the folks who will say, “Dude what the hell is this I don’t wanna look at another guy’s dick.” They are bold faced liars. Or at the very least they’re in the minority because blogs such as this one right here get TONS of clicks. Just tons. I guarantee this will be one of the highest clicked blogs of the day, of the week and of the month. Guys will say they don’t click on blogs about another guy’s dick but the numbers simply say otherwise. At the end of the day, guys wanna know how they stack up in the dick game. That’s a stone cold fact.