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What's Better Than a Cy Young Trophy? A Cy Young Wrestling Belt Personally Given To You By Vince McMahon

TBL – Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw are your 2013 Cy Young Award winners. For all their hard work, the hurlers receive an underwhelming plaque that looks Thing of ‘Addams Family’ fame. Or worse, it resembles an something handed out by the local Rotary Club.C’mon, this is a big-time award! Shouldn’t it utilize Waterford crystal or holograms? Given that it’s doled out by the BWWAA we should be grateful the Cy Young Award itself isn’t a cheap certificate spit out by on a dot-matrix printer.Chin up Max and Clayton, you’re about to get something much more impressive: WWE replica belts thanks to Vince McMahon. The @MLB Twitter account tweeted out a mock championship belt for the Cy Young winners early Thursday.


First 2 things I’m doing if I’m Clayton Kershaw. 1) Throwing my Cy Young trophy in the garbag 2) Wearing my Cy Young Wrestling belt everywhere I go for the rest of my life. Pussy on the reg.

Anyway If I know Vince McMahon like I think I do, I know that he doesn’t just hand out WWE belts for nothing.  This has Scherzer vs. Kershaw steel cage match written all over it. It would be like when Bret and Owen Hart beat the hell out of each other in the cage. They aren’t real brothers, but they are Cy Young brothers. I can hear Kershaw yelling “I’m gonna break his legs” right now. God damn, that would be glorious. I am now following Vince on Twitter, and I am going to do everything in my power to make this happen.  (I have no power like that, this will not happen, but I’m going to tweet it anyway.)