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#PrayersForNick Was Trending Across America This Morning Because A Newscaster Accidentally Sent A Company Wide Email Trying To Call Out Sick

Source - Kansas City traffic reporter Nick Vasos was apparently feeling under the weather, so he called out sick. What happened next might be the best thing you’ll read all week.

An email announcing Nick’s sick day was accidentally sent to Nexstar Media Group newsrooms across the country. Dozens of colleagues from all over replied to the chain, wishing Nick well.

The email thread was eventually stopped, but not before participants took to Twitter, coining the hashtag, #PrayersForNick.

Poor bastard. The only thing worse than calling out sick is getting called out for calling out sick. Now he’s gonna have that bad taste in his mouth all weekend. That’s why you always quadruple check who you send your emails to, people. Regardless, the responses were gold. Producers, anchors, hosts, stations, random people all started tweeting their condolences with the hashtag #PrayersForNick.


When you think about it, it’s really not that hard to get away with calling out sick. All you have to do is plant the seed early enough and not email the entire company. Like if you’re planning on calling out Friday, say you feel shitty at noon on Thursday. Get up to go to the bathroom a bunch, say you puked, the food didn’t agree with you etc. etc.. Also, as a general rule of thumb, Fridays and Mondays are the worst days for calling out sick. No one believes anyone who calls out on a Friday or a Monday. The best time to call out is mid week. If you bang out on a Tuesday or Wednesday no one is questioning you. You can take off more days in a row that way too. Yeah, you won’t have the long weekend, but you don’t have to worry about getting caught. Lucky for Nick, the entire thing turned into a joke so he’s in the clear.