Colts RAN THE BALL A LITTLE TOO DAMN MUCH - Texans Beat Colts 20-17

In what started out horrible, suddenly turned into a back and forth battle, ended with a frustrating loss to now the AFC South leaders. Maybe it's because the Texans got blown out 41-7 on Sunday against the Ravens, maybe it's because we averaged 4.7 yards per pass, or maybe it's because our offense relied on the run all game long. Either way, there's a fair share to blame tonight and it's all on us.

First was the momentum. In the 1st quarter, aint shit happened besides punts and a field goal by the Texans. It was pretty much an appreciation for special teams.

2nd quarter picked up when Kenny Moore picked off Watson which would lead to a touchdown by Jacoby.

After that momentum gainer, the Texans would drive down the field to eventually leave Deandre Hopkins wide fucking open in the endzone. This is the ONE receiver that should be doubled teamed all game!!

Next drive, the Colts would drive down the field with 1:53 to set up Vinny with a 36 yarder to tie the game 10 a piece at half.

Now, the 3rd quarter is where the game picked up. The Colts would run the ball damn near every play. On this 11-play drive, 10 of the plays were runs. Jonathan Williams would score this touchdown after breaking a couple of tackles, setting the score 17-10. 

Hopkins would torch poor Pierre for another TD which got the Texans up 20-17 with 12:34 left in the 4th. If you do the math, Hopkins had 2 TD's and Fuller has 129 receiving yards which is as many as Jacoby threw tonight.


In the last drive for the Colts, we would fail to complete a 4th and 7 pass as Jacoby scrambled and was 1-yard short. It consisted of short runs with Nyheim Hines and Joanthan Williams, and incomplete passes. Hell, we ran the ball on 2nd & 10 with with 3:48 left! We had no desire to throw the ball against the 29th ranked passing defense. But when we did go for passes, they were dropped dimes. T.Y. had 2 crucial drops that would've set up at least 1 scoring drive.

We had the better roster but outplayed in the 2nd half. Jonathan Williams had 106 yards and a TD but had 26 carries. Jacoby only threw it 16 times! We did great stopping the run but couldn't stop Watson from having a field day (298 yards and 2 TD's). Not to be that guy, but the game could've changed if the NFL officials did their job and not decide to clock out early!

How the hell can this not be reviewed? The ball clearly popped out and Darius got it. There would've been 1:48 left! Plenty of time for Vinny to miraculously send the game to OT. Darius even said he had the ball! Wake up New York!


We got the Titans on December 1st. We're not 2nd place in the AFC SOuth and we need the Texans to lose their games and for us to win every game if we want a shot at first place. Still playoff hopeful. As always, Go Horse.