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In Honor Of Ken Griffey Jr's 50th Birthday, Wake Up With His Upper Deck Tank In Toronto

Ken Griffey Jr turned 50 yesterday. 50! It's crazy that "The Kid" is now old as dirt. A lot of you boomers only remember him as a washed up White Sox player, and thats wild to me. I think for like 80 weeks in a row I did Ken Griffey Jr Mondays, so if you need to refresh your memory about him, go ahead and search that in the search bar. Sure, he's gained a few lbs, but he's still the kid. Same sweet swing, same raw power. Just look at this bomb in Toronto. The way he was also over that I expected to hear a trashcan get banged in the dugout. The announcer seemed to know it was gone before Griffey swung too. That thing went a long way, a legit 500 foot bomb. Happy birthday, Kid. We love you.