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NFL Has Found "No Evidence" Of Mason Rudolph Using A Racial Slur In Myles Garrett Incident

Earlier today, the Mason Rudolph - Myles Garrett situation took yet another spin:

The racial slur angle was one that I heard a lot of speculation about since the incident on Thursday night. Garrett saying Mason Rudolph in his suspension appeal did use a racial slur is a massive allegation. It's a massive assault on Rudolph's character.

Rudolph denied it. Here is a statement from his agent:

Being that this allegation came in Garrett's appeal, the NFL looked into it and found no such use of a racial slur:

It appears we have a massive he said, she said situation. You'd think the NFL mics would pick up the alleged racial slur, but there is certainly a possibility that they didn't. 

I've heard the theory that Pouncey wouldn't have stood up for his QB if he did use a racial slur. That's another situation of if he did use one, there is a big chance that he didn't hear it. 

I, also, think it's completely unfair to have the "is anyone surprised that Mason Rudolph used a racial slur?" mentality. Is there any evidence of him doing that in the past? Wouldn't you think former players would come out and say, "yes, Mason has done this to me in the past." It's wild to just assume he would say such an awful thing because of where he grew up and went to college. 

We'll keep an eye on it.