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Nelson Agholor Has Spoken And The Burner Account Is NOT Him

"Hey, Jordie. Do you ever get tired of being right about literally everything you write about?"

Of course not. That's just part of the job. Earlier today I wrote that the "burner account" that's been making its way around Twitter this morning had 0.00000% chance of actually belonging to Nelson Agholor, and now we get the full statement. It's not him. Which means that it's just some jackass with way too much time on their hands who was still pissed off about Sunday so he/she created a fake account to imposter Nelson Agholor impostering somebody else. It's a burn-ception. 

But now here's where things get real confusing. Because I never know how I actually feel about Nelson Agholor. I mean don't get me wrong, the overriding emotional response towards him is that I need him out of Philadelphia before I'm done writing this blog. But for a guy who has had an incredibly shitty year, has been getting shit on by the fanbase constantly, and now has this fake burner account to deal with? Well he handled that about as well as you could possibly hope for. The same way that he handled the "Unlike Agholor" video as well as you could hope for. What sucks is that I think that Nelson Agholor, the human, is an awesome dude. Anybody who is able to just laugh something like this off is an absolute beauty of an individual. Just as a guy, I love Nelson Agholor. The only issue is that he's not just a guy. He's also a football player and he's a football player that gets paid a ton of money to make big time catches, which he is not doing. So I hate Nelson Agholor the football player, but love Nelson Agholor the human. I don't think people understand how difficult it is to be a Philly sports fan because we have to deal with shit like this all the time. It's emotionally exhausting.