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Ovi Has Spoken

And so it was written, and so it was said. I'm not here to argue. That's what my friend Trill taught me. Too many people love arguing online. That's so 2000 and late. So if Ovi says pineapple belongs on pizza, then pineapple belongs on pizza. Who any of us to argue with the greatest goal scorer of all time? Exactly.

And the "pineapple on pizza" debate is so tired at this point. The internet goes in waves where people cling onto something and it becomes a "thing". Like, remember when bacon was all the rage on the internet? It was obnoxious. It's like how "Florida Man" is an internet thing too. Enough with that. It's not funny anymore. 

So for the pineapple on pizza debate, I don't think it's too bad at all. There's a reason it's a commonly offered topping at pizza places around the world. It's not my first choice, but it's not my last either. That honor goes to black olives. The taste is just so strong it permeates the entire slice down to its core..not for me. I don't need my pizza tasting like black olive juice. Woof. But if you like it, more power to ya. 

At the end of the day, we spend too much time worrying about what food other people like. To each their own, ya know? Unless you're ordering pizzas for a big occasion or event, that is. If you are ordering 20 pizzas, do the basics- pepperoni, cheese, maybe some sausage, some veggie, a couple buffalo chickens and 1 pineapple or Hawaiian. Play the hits but mix in some flavor as well.

Just not olives though. Fuck olives.