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KFC Radio - Biggest Loser Edition

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Its the official KFC Radio of the Barstool Weight Loss Challenge. Fat Boy Feitelberg and The Big Titty Cat discuss their showdown. We talk about strategies, expectations, concerns and progress. Stoolies called in to leave their predictions and weight loss techniques. All while permanently fat KFC ate about 6 donuts in an hour.

Right now according to the latest figures we’re in a dead heat:

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.48.59 AM


Straight up 50/50 split. So this presents the very realistic possibility – what if these two fatsos tie? We’re gonna need some tiebreakers stakes. We’ll leave it up to the Stoolies. Tweet them – @barstoolbigcat and @Jfeitelberg with your tiebreaker stakes. Lets try to keep it food related. Both of these guys will have crazy small stomachs after starving themselves for the next 2 weeks. So lets make it some sort of eating punishment/challenge where Feits and Big Cat both end up puking all over themselves.

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