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Myles Garrett Alleged In His Suspension Appeal That Mason Rudolph Called Him A Racial Slur Before The Brawl

Well there you have it. The rumors were swirling last week that this might be the argument that Myles Garrett goes to bat with, and now Schefter is reporting it's true. Myles Garrett went into his appeal for his rest of season AND playoffs suspension and said that Mason Rudolph used a racial slur, and that provoked him to smash a helmet over his head.

I mean I don't even know how to attack this. Everyone knows that's probably the only defense Myles Garrett can take that will sway the public into his favor for what he did. So is he grasping for straws? Or has he been silent this whole time waiting for his appeal? I don't know guys. I don't know the truth, but logically, wouldn't SOMEONE involved with the Browns have mentioned this publicly if it were true?

I'll say this: if true, Mason Rudolph deserved to be hit in the head with his own helmet - harder. If not true, Myles Garrett.....yikes. 

I mean, there HAS to be a hot mic somewhere, right? Or an angle where you can read his lips? It's 2019....we need to find some proof. This is going to be a big-time reputation ruiner either way. Either Mason Rudolph is going to be hated forever and become a target from big, strong predominantly black NFL defensive ends, or Myles Garrett is going to be known as a liar. Someone is at huge fault here. We need proof. 

**Does Myles Garrett get off free if it's true?