In A Surprising Turn Of Events The Celtics City Edition Jerseys Actually Aren't As Bad As We Initially Thought!

Ever since Enes Kanter put out this video 

the Celtics 2019-20 City Edition jersey instantly became one of the biggest mysteries of their season. We had a good ol fashioned Blue/Gold dress situation on our hands. What fucking color was that really? A puke inducing teal or was it just bad lighting? There were videos and reports that it was actually more green, but even as we stand today I'm still not 100% positive. The pictures look green, the video looks more teal, but then in person it looks to be more green

I can only speak for myself, but if these truly are green like everything else they wear, the jerseys are about a billion times better than I initially thought. Not as great as their City Editions last season, but certainly better than what my initial reaction was seeing Kanter's video. Maybe you don't love the font of BOSTON and it is a little weird that the name on the back is in the standard font when everything else is different, but I feel like we can step off the ledge a little bit. It's not like these are on the same level as like the Mavs or Magic ones so that feels like a win. 


I feel like that's the general consensus with these. They maybe aren't the best, but are clearly better than what was leaked a few weeks ago and that's a huge relief. It made no sense that this team would rock bright teal jerseys, nothing in their color scheme has ever suggested that should be an option, which is why the whole thing was so confusing. Damn you Enes Kanter and your terrible camera.

I still want to see what they look like on TV and whatnot, but I'm glad to see we avoided a true disaster. Seriously though, they need to stop dicking around and just bring back the St Patty's day green/gold alternates. I think we can all agree those are absolute fire flames.