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Who Will Play In An NFL Game Next: Antonio Brown, Myles Garrett, Or Colin Kaepernick?

Alright so we've got three pretty notable names sitting out of the NFL action right now. One because of his own choices (Antonio Brown). One because of the owners choices (Colin Kaepernick). And one because of the choices of the opposing team's little weasel of a quarterback (Myles Garrett).

Okay I'm not here to write my hundredth blog about why Myles Garrett is innocent, but I am here to ask the masses which one of these three is going to suit up and play in an NFL game next? There have been rumors from very credible sources on all three fronts that each player could be back very soon, starting with sports media conglomerate Barstool Sports publishing today that AB could be coming back to the Patriots.

Well that would certainly change the landscape of the NFL. The Patriots would go from Super Bowl favorites to prohibitive Super Bowl favorites.

Next, we have established Ohio journalist, Ohio's Tate, lobbying that Myles Garrett's punishment from the league office was far too harsh and needs to fall under the precedent that the NFL established the last time someone used a helmet as a weapon.

Houston's Antonio Smith was suspended in 2013 for two preseason games and one regular season game for swinging his helmet at Richie Incognito. One regular season game. ONE regular season game. One regular season game. NOT the rest of eternity. Garrett's appeal decision should come out soon…

And finally, we have Colin Kaepernick himself calling out the owners to give him a shot:

Convincing! And he threw the ball 50 yards in shorts. The internet says he's ready!

So my question is: who's going to play next??

The public money in Vegas right now has to be on a tie, with both Garrett and AB suiting up Week 1 next year, but I do not hate the current +500 odds that offshore accounts are offering right now on Kaepernick. Someone's going to take the plunge and sign him as a backup, right? I mean, I live in Ohio and I forget the Bengals play every weekend. At least Kaep would make them must-see TV for a while…