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This Rugby Player's Horses Analogy Doesn't Make A Lick Of Sense But Damned If It Isn't The Most Inspiring Thing You'll Hear All Day

The Gettysburg Address. Herb Brooks's "Great moments are born from great opportunity". This lad pretending to be a horse who was going out for a drink or a swim but ended up talking to rugby fans about playing better than he did last week.

3 of the most influential, pivotal, and motivational speeches in the history of the world. Do I know what in the bloody hell this bloke is talking about? Of course not. It seemed like a "choose your own adventure" from the very start. But will I run through a brick wall for this man? Will I follow him into war and give everything I have in my heart, body an soul to this man? You're goddamn right I will. 

Because that's the thing. Words have meaning, sure, but the significance really lies within the intentions of those words. Are you going to be a horse that drinks from the water or are you going to swim? It doesn't matter because some people don't even like horses to begin with. What matters is that you're going to go out there on the pitch and you're going to give it your all, just like that fucking horse would. That horse is you. That horse is me. The horse is all of us. We all have what it takes to be great, but you don't always know that until it's broken down with an analogy that I believe was supposed to be "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink". 

Sidenote: Horse impression was spot on. I'm sick of shows like BoJack Horseman anthropomorphizing horses and giving them full blown human voices. Respect the neigh.