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Fox Media Is Making A TV Show Based On The Term 'OK Boomer'

Source - “OK, Boomer” has become the hottest clapback of the moment — and now it’s set to become a show. 

“OK, Boomer” has become the hottest clapback of the moment — and now it’s set to become a show.

Fox Media has made a trademark application for the term, with the intent of turning it into “reality competitions, comedy, and game shows,” according to The Guardian.

The phrase, which is both a meme and an insult, is a way for younger people to put down older people who are clueless about reality. Ironically, while it could make for a timely episode of a currently airing show that could address it quickly, memes and internet trends rise and fall fast.

By the time one of these ideas comes to fruition next year or in 2021 — especially a game show — guess what the world’s reaction will probably be? “OK, Boomer.”

I think I speak for everyone regardless of their age I say, “we’re good.” No one asked for this. No one needed this. No one wanted this. ‘OK boomer’ was funny for like thirty minutes two weeks ago and even then it wasn’t that funny. People just said it to make fun of people who were saying it. That was the entire joke.

If Fox wanted to make a TV show out of a meme they’re should’ve sourced ideas from @grapejuiceboys

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Those guys are the gold standard when it comes it memes. Will this show end up get made? Probably, but it won’t be called “ok boomer.” It’ll be something more veiled. It’ll probably be successful too, if Young Sheldon can make it, a show about over exaggerated  intergenerational “differences” should have no problem, unfortunately.