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RBI Baseball Returns




Perhaps the greatest announcement since MJ’s “I’m Back.” I don’t even really know what this means. Its some cloak and dagger shit. Clandestine communications. RBI Baseball 14. No other details have been released. So my main question here is if this is just an updated, brand new baseball video game? Or is it gonna be like the original? If this is just like MLB: The Show I’m gonna be sorely disappointed. The last baseball game I played was Ken Griffey Baseball on N64. I’m not into that modern shit.

What I want is straight up 8-Bit gameplay with updated teams and rosters. I want to be able to listen to the “Do, do, do-do-do, do do, do, do-do-do, do do, do-do-do, DO DOOOOOO!” while playing with Mike Trout. I wanna be able to throw gas as Justin Verlander until the 7th inning when the Wobble Pitch starts. I wanna be able to hit moon shots out of the stadium with Miggy Cabrera. Give me original NES gameplay and music with updated MLB teams and players and I will buy whatever console or tablet I need to be able to play it. Give the people what they want, MLB! You did it for like 20 years with steroids, just do it with video games too.