I *Cordially* Accept Chaps's Invitation To Eat Sloppy Joes With Him All Day

First things first - no clue where the apostrophe goes when you're dealing with a name like Chaps. So out of the gate let me apologize if I fucked the headline up. Technically the invitation belongs to Chaps so I know there's an apostrophe because he POSSESSES the invitation. But I'm not sure where it goes. I know it's not Chap's because that would change the original subject, Chaps to Chap and I know that's not right, which brings me to a crossroads: Chaps' or Chaps's. The extra "s" is a bit much if I say so myself. But then I did say so myself, out loud, and it sounds like the extra s belongs there. So I included it in the headline and if thats wrong, I'm sorry. I was busy fucking around in grammar school(1) when you should be learning this shit. 


Sloppy Joes.

Chaps wrote A Blog About Them yesterday. Literally:

and in it he said the following: 

I want to enjoy them with my guy Carl from Barstool Chicago and have a different rootbeer with each of the sloppy joes. Man, what a day that would be. 

I had to do some thinking.

Obviously I accept. I'm crazy not stupid. You don't pass on a chance to knock back suds and sloppy J's with a guy like Chaps. Not without being a goddamn idiot. So consider this my formal, cordial acceptance. 

Let's get sloppy. 

(1)Grammar School is the same thing as Elementary School. But where I'm from, we never called it Elementary School. It was Grammar School. It would be disingenuous for me to now call it Elementary School to appeal to national senses. A similar example of this would be the root beer blog. I repeatedly used the word Pop instead of Soda because Pop is the real me. Just trying to keep it real with you guys.