Astros Owner Jim Crane Needed a Police Escort To Avoid Answering Questions About The Cheating Scandal After Saying He Would "Talk Baseball"

So Jim, when you say you want to talk baseball does that mean we can't talk about the baseball team that you own, cheating at baseball with the most elaborate cheating scandal baseball has ever seen? Does that count as a baseball question?

Okay fine, how about a simple opinion on a game situation. If the count is 1-2 with first and 3rd, and two out and we hear two garbage can bangs, does that mean a changeup is coming or a curveball? That seems to be a direct baseball question if you ask me. What about one buzz in your cleats? Fastball? We just want to get the facts right Jim! If the bullpen catcher had his hands on the fence what did that indicate exactly? These are baseball questions Jim! We want to talk baseball!

Police escorts to avoid baseball questions about your own baseball organization is just too rich. The Astros are running in fear. They can feel the walls closing in. Their days are numbered. It's just a matter of when, not if. Doomsday is coming baby.