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Some Sicko Is Going Around San Francisco Leaving Life-Size Airpod Stickers All Over The Place

It’s a prank- get it? He puts the stickers all over the ground then laughs when people try to pick them up. That’s the joke. It’s funny because the AirPods aren’t real. They’re fake. Kind of a strange way for a grown man to spend his time, but then again, that’s his content. He’s doing what he has to do to go viral. This is his career

So who is this prankster? His name is Pablo Rachat and he’s an art director for himself. Here’s what he had to say about his wacky bit:

Source: If you’re one of the San Franciscans who’s been duped into leaning down to pick up what looks like a single AirPod on the sidewalk this week, then you’ll realize by now that you’ve been pranked. SF art director Pablo Rochat has been leaving life-sized AirPod stickers on the ground, and you were gullible enough to fall for it.

“I see people with AirPods all the time in San Francisco,” said Rochat. “I got a pair myself recently, and they’re an awkward shape so I drop them occasionally. I see my friends drop them, too. I thought it would be funny just to pretend like everyone’s dropping them.”

 Therefore, with the help of a high-resolution AirPod image, a printer and some sticker paper, Rochat’s diabolical plot came to life. He went out for lunch and started sticking the fake AirPods to the ground on Market Street.

A couple of people got mad, which was funny because it was kind of harmless what I was doing,” said Rochat. “People get embarrassed that they were pranked, but joke’s on them.”

“Some people got mad, but it was funny.” Good stuff, Pablo. I’m sure everyone has a great sense of humor about it. It’s going to be a real shame when someone hauls of smacks him for making them bend over for a sticker. A real shame. The good news is, I’m sure he has a ton of other stuff he can fall back on once his online prank career ends. Oh well. If you see a pair of AirPods on the ground in San Francisco, leave them be. It’s just Pablo being a goof ball!