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This Whole Aaron Carter Situation Is Out Of Control, And The Court Is Now Making Him Hand Over His Guns Before He Goes Crazier

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TMZ - Aaron Carter lost it in court when a judge ordered him to surrender his firearms.

Aaron was on the losing end of a hearing for a restraining order. His twin sister, Angel Conrad, convinced the judge to issue an order prohibiting Aaron from having any contact with her or her family for a year. Then the judge enraged Aaron, by telling him he’s too dangerous to possess guns. He went nuts in court … screaming at the judge that he would just go out of state and buy more firepower.

Angel said she feared for her life because Aaron was brandishing firearms on social media. She said she also feared for her husband and her daughter.

After the judge lowered the boom on Aaron, he threatened to just get up and leave, but the judge ordered him to sit down.

What’s unclear … whether Aaron will surrender his guns. If he doesn’t, the judge could hold him in contempt and throw him in jail.

Maybe it’s because it’s Aaron Carter isn’t exactly an A-list celebrity, but I feel his current saga is going way under the radar. He is having a meltdown right in the public eye, and it ain’t pretty. He got the crazy face tattoo

He’s in a current restraining-order-off with his sister and brother, and he was recently hospitalized because he went from 160 pounds to 115:

TMZ - The mounting family drama’s getting to Aaron Carter … cause it’s landed him in the hospital.

Aaron’s mom, Jane, tells TMZ … Aaron arrived at her house Thursday in Florida and she was immediately alarmed at his dangerously low weight. She tells us he’s now at a mere 115 pounds. At one point, Aaron weighed nearly 160 pounds.

We’re told Aaron’s stress stems from the restraining orders against him brought on by his brother, Nick, and sister twin Angel. Jane took no chances … driving him to the hospital and checking him into the ER.

Jane tells us Aaron’s had his blood pressure tested and he’s currently hooked up to a heart monitor and awaiting results.

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Folks, don’t let your kids become child stars. None of them turn out fine. NONE. It’s absolutely crazy, no matter what child star you think of, they’ve had some sort of ridiculous spiral. I was like “Ellie, name a child star who didn’t go crazy”, and she said “Hillary Duff”. NOPE!

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She was 16 dating a 26 year old…WHAT?!?! Why didn’t we stop them?!?! Good grief.

Much like Lohan, Bynes, Beiber, Britney, and whomever else you want to name- nothing good (besides the millions of dollars they inevitably blow) comes from it. Grass is always greener.