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Empire State Building Suing Photographer For $1 Million For Taking Topless Photos On The Observatory


NSFW photos here

NY Post – How do you ruin the view at the top of the Empire State Building? By posing a busty model for X-rated snapshots at the normally family-friendly tourist destination, the owners of the world-famous skyscraper say in a new Manhattan lawsuit. The unauthorized “objectionable and inappropriate topless” photo shoot at the observation deck on Aug. 9, 2013 was part of commercial photographer Allen Henson’s “self-style ‘boobs around town project,’” according to a $1.1 million suit filed by the ESB owners Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court. “Wow,” Henson said when told about the suit. The suit says Henson, an Iraq war vet turned fashion photographer, engaged in “forbidden behavior” by snapping shots of the buxom brunette stunner throwing her hair back next to seemingly oblivious tourists peering through viewfinders. Court papers say “the model removed her top and modeled for topless photos which were taken by Henson for commercial purposes.” “At the time that [Henson] and the model entered the observatory, it was crowded with visitors, including children,” the iconic tower’s attorney Jessica Eyland huffs in the suit.  The “impermissible” exploit tarnished the reputation of the “World’s Most Famous Office Building” and forced the skyscraper to bulk up security personnel. “ESB was never notified about the plan for the photo shoot and [Henson] did not seek or obtain permission for the topless photo shoot from ESB at any time,” Eyland says. Henson admitted that he never tried to get permission for the project. “In order to continue to attract visitors, including families, to the building and the observatory, and assure their well-being, ESB has to maintain both the image and the fact that the building and the observatory are safe, secure and appropriate places for families and tourists,” the suit charges. “Golly gee that sounds kind of accurate,” the New York and Los Angeles-based photographer deadpanned.

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