I Cannot Wait For The Battle To Determine The First RnR Womens Champion Of The WORLD

Back in October, we saw that Vicious Vicky D was looking for an opponent to fight in RnR 10:

The Providence College student was looking for someone from URI to fight her. Because URI is apparently a bunch of PUSSYS, nobody stepped up. Luckily, somebody else stepped up. ENTER Bumblebee:

I was going to say Bumblebee had an awful promo, but it made me hate her, which means that her promo was actually phenomenal. Heel vs. blonde American sweetheart? That's the perfect first fight for the RnR Women's Championship OF THE WORLD.

Vicious Vicky D has the height, and I assume, reach advantage. 6 pounds more as well. If I were to set a line, I'd put it:
Vicky D -150
Bumblebee +130
I'm taking Vicky D. Can't see her losing. She has kickboxing experience:

And seems to have been fighting for awhile now:

Her training or this fight has been going well by the look of it:

She has also had time to relax. That's big. Need to have a clear head walking into the ring. Don't want to be overstressed.

You can watch her fight at RnR on Friday: