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BOOM: Better Caul Saul Just Dropped A New Teaser, Returns February 23rd 2020
Fuck yes!  Look, Better Call Saul isn't on the same pantheon of TV greats like GoT, Sopranos, or Breaking Bad and probably not close, but it's still a great way to kill off a cold winter's night.  It's a bit slower, but we all know it's about to really pick up.  Mike Ehrmantraut has already slowly transformed into the character we all loved from Breaking Bad, at least to some extent, and we now know Jimmy will soon become crooked as fuck and transform into Saul Goodman because of the 15 second teaser they just released.  This is what we've all been waiting for from the show.  Season 5 is going to be fucking great.
Can't wait for more and more teasers and trailers to come out.  Until then here's a quick rewind on the best Better Call Saul moments: